250 Years of Farming History

Amid the tumultuous era of the Revolutionary War in 1772, a historic gesture unfolded: George Washington bestowed a 69.8-acre parcel of land in Voorhees to his loyal personal guard, Lt. John Stafford. Known for its pastoral landscape and grazing horses, the Staffords of the late 1700s primarily grew corn and potatoes. As the 20th century began The Stafford family shifted focus to growing hay and horse harness racing. In 2003 The Stafford farming legacy was solidified when the land we now call Saddlehill was preserved by The Land Trust of NJ, forever ensuring it remains a farm.

Over time the farm conditions faded. Fences broke, buildings were in disrepair, and its future use came into question. On a pivotal day in March 2021, a new chapter began when Amy & Bill Green purchased the property. Guided by the Stafford history and fueled by their iconic memories of horse racing, the Green family now breathes life back into this cherished land. Horses gallop once more, alpacas grace the fields, and the echoes of traditional agriculture resound as a testament to history. With unwavering dedication, the Greens forge ahead to create this vineyard and winery, reviving the farm to share its splendor anew with the community.

Our Wines