Sparkling White

Crisp green apple and lively citrus notes take center stage, creating a bright and invigorating profile. The effervescence tickles the senses, leading to a clean and satisfying finish.

Food Pairing Suggestions: Saddlehill Sparkling White Wine pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes, adding a touch of effervescence and enhancing the dining experience. Consider these delightful pairing suggestions:

Fresh Seafood: Celebrate the flavors of the ocean by pairing this sparkling wine with oysters, shrimp cocktail, or steamed mussels. The effervescence and acidity complement the brininess of the seafood, creating a harmonious pairing.

Light Appetizers: Sip on Saddlehill Sparkling White Wine while enjoying a selection of light appetizers such as bruschetta, smoked salmon canapés, or crispy vegetable spring rolls. The wine's refreshing character will add a lively touch to these bites.

Fruity Desserts: Indulge your sweet tooth by pairing this sparkling wine with fruit-based desserts like a fresh fruit salad, lemon tart, or strawberry shortcake. The lively bubbles will complement the natural sweetness of the fruits.

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