Our Sweet Blueberry Wine is a true tribute to the vibrant flavors of New Jersey, the blueberry capital of the world. Bursting with the sweet tanginess of locally sourced blueberries, every sip transports you to sun-kissed orchards and lazy afternoons.

This wine captures the essence of ripe blueberries in every glass. Its smooth sweetness dances harmoniously with the bold fruitiness, creating a sensory experience that's both refreshing and comforting.

Pair this delectable wine with a variety of dishes. Complement its vibrant flavors with a savory cheese platter adorned with tangy goat cheese and aged cheddar. For a delightful contrast, savor it alongside a dessert of dark chocolate truffles or a berry-rich tart. Our Sweet Blueberry Wine is an ode to the fruitful bounty of our region, inviting you to revel in the taste of summer, year-round.

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